We sell a number of quality shed brands such as Spanbilt, Absco and Steel Chief. While there is just about every shed shape, size, colour and accessory you could dream of, most require special order.  However we do stock a number of smaller boxed sheds. 

The majority of our sheds are panel sheds, meaning they are made up of four wall panels and two roof panels.  These sheds are quicker and more convenient to build.

There are many variations such as flooring kits, panel doors or roller doors, skillion, gable or flat roofs, traditional panels or corrugated, even triangular sheds.

In addition to your traditional shed, we also supply carports, aviaries, patio covers and roller door lockers.

We also sell a great range of wooden structures including cubby houses, bay boxes and forts in all shapes and sizes.  There are also heaps of accessories including flower boxes, skylights, climbing walls, bridges and much more. 

Come in and we can show you the great range available. 

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The Spanbilt website has some handy hints and tips about making the most of your storage space.

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