Pool Water Testing

We provide a free pool and spa water testing service in-store.  We can also now test water from magnesium pools.

Our pool water testing machine is the latest computer technology in analysing pool and spa water.  We provide a print out of your results and then make recommendations as to what needs to occur for regular pool maintenance.  The system also keeps a history of your previous pool water tests.

Simply come in-store to collect your Pool Sample bottle, and take a sample from the middle of your pool. We will also need to know some basic information about your pool, such as how many litres of water it holds, type of filter etc.

Bring the sample in-store, and the testing can usually be done while you wait.  For the most accurate results, take your sample within two hours of when it will be tested.

We can then show you the products you need to maintain healthy pool or spa water.

Please always check local council regulations.