Our Team

Hume & Iser Home Timber & Hardware is made up of over 100 valuable people including board members, managers, team members, casual employees and our very popular mascots, Rusty and Sandy.

The Company Board structure, being all direct family, is led by Christopher Iser (Chairman), Tim Iser (Company Secretary), Stephen Iser (Managing Director), Alastair Hope and John Iser, with Tom Iser (consultant).

Our Managers include:

Stephen Iser, Managing Director
Email:  stepheni@humeiser.com.au 

Jan McKerrow, Financial Controller
Email: jan@humeiser.com.au

Paul Woolley, Sales / Trade Marketing
Email: paulw@humeiser.com.au

Bryan Tracey, Hardware Manager
Email: bryan@humeiser.com.au

Peter Conforti, Timber Manager
Email: peter@humeiser.com.au

Wayne Dingfelder, Plaster Manager
Email: wayned@humeiser.com.au

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please email your resume to info@humeiser.com.au.

A hume-iser-managers-team

Peter, Paul, Jan, Bryan and Wayne